What We Do

The Value Proposition project was managed really well and the team at ORS added real value and insight. Thank you for delivering such a great result for us that will go a long way to shaping Stonewater as organisation in the future.

Our Clients

ORS has experience of working with (not just for) a wide range of public sector organisations, including…

  • Central Government departments, Governments in the devolved nations and the Channel Islands
  • Ombudsmen, regulatory agencies and other executive non-departmental public bodies
  • NHS and other health and social care organisations
  • Local authority departments
  • Police forces, Police and Crime Commissioners, and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Parish and community councils

We also work with charities and other voluntary sector organisations, as well as consultancies and other companies in the private sector; and we collaborate with academic researchers and universities on applied research projects.

We focus on building strong and collaborative partnerships based on open and honest working relationships that respond to our clients’ needs, and develop their trust in our capabilities, flexibility and responsiveness. 

We contracted ORS to produce a research report on teachers’ views and experiences of grading qualifications in summer 2021. ORS were thoughtful and collaborative in their approach to the research, providing useful methodological input. They were responsive to our feedback and provided timely updates throughout the project. The final report was clear, detailed and of a good quality.