The Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Suicide Prevention Listening Project Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you experienced suicidal thoughts, behaviours, or bereavement by suicide while living in the Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire County areas between 2013 and 2023? If so, you are invited to take part in a listening project to understand the perspectives of people with lived experience in relation to services and support, to identify recommendations for suicide prevention in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Before you decide whether to participate in the research, it is important that you understand what this will involve. Please take as much time as you need to read the following information carefully.

If anything is unclear, or if you need any other information, please contact us using the contact details below.

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Questions & Answers...

What is the listening project for?

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Suicide Prevention Team has commissioned Opinion Research Services (ORS) to identify the needs and preferences of people who have experienced suicidal thoughts, behaviours, or bereavement by suicide.

The listening project aims to provide insights, understanding, and recommendations to inform the suicide prevention team’s suicide prevention activities.

Opinion Research Services (ORS) is an independent research company. They are also talking to other people with similar experiences users and service providers as part of the listening project.

Why should I take part?

This is an important piece of research which will contribute to improving support services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in relation to those who have experienced suicidality or bereavement by suicide. Our findings will help to make sure that those affected by suicide get the help they need.

Who is eligible to take part?

Have you experienced suicidal thoughts, behaviours, or bereavement by suicide while living in the Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire County areas between 2013 and 2023? If so, we are looking to speak to people who are from at least one of the following groups:

  • between 18 and 25
  • male
  • autistic
  • bereaved by suicide
  • undergoing financial hardship / unemployed / gambling

The reason for selecting these groups of individuals is that research has shown they are at greater risk of suicidal thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

Do I have to take part?

It is up to you whether you decide to take part. If you decide to take part, you will be asked to sign the consent form that . Please confirm whether you want to take part by contacting Harriet at ORS (details below).

You are free to change your mind about taking part at any time without giving a reason. You won’t have to answer any questions you do not want to. If you do change your mind, please contact Harriet Hendra, the project manager, to let her know (contact details are below).

What will taking part involve?

You are being asked to take part in a with an ORS researcher. The interview/focus group can be taken place online via MS If you would feel more comfortable speaking with a support worker, friend, or family member present, that is fine; please let us know. It will take around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your answers.

The interview will discuss your experiences of seeking support; what was good about them, and what could be better; and what the Suicide Prevention Team should do to improve suicide prevention activities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

You don’t have to answer any questions you do not want to and you will not be asked about the specific details of your experiences. You will be free to stop the interview at any time. If you agree, we would like to record your interview to make sure that we hear everything that you have to say. Everything you say will be treated in complete confidence, all data will be anonymised and while we may use what you say in our report, we will not use any information that identifies you.

If you agree to take part, you will be offered a small token of thanks (£30 voucher or donation of same amount to a charity of your choice for doing so).

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How will you use my feedback?

We will store your contact details and the notes and recording from the interview on ORS’ secure server and will delete them three months after the end of the project. We will process your data in line with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 (GDPR).

Only named ORS project team members will be able to see your contact details, read the notes, and hear the recording. We will not store any information that identifies you with your feedback.

When we have finished the listening project, we will write a report for the suicide prevention team based on the findings, which the Suicide Prevention Team will use to inform their Suicide Prevention activities.

The report will be completely anonymised. We will not name you, where you accessed services, or use any direct quotes that could identify you in the report.

Please see the project’s privacy notice for further information on how we will use and store your data.

What are the possible risks and disadvantages of taking part?

You may find participating in this listening project brings up difficult emotions or reminders of your experience. Please feel free to speak with Harriet about any questions or concerns you have at any point before, during or after the listening project (contact details are below). You may also wish to discuss any concerns with someone close to you and/or a support service. Also, please remember that you are free to change your mind about taking part in the research at any time before or during the interview. Your health and wellbeing are our top priority.

What if there is a problem?

If you have any concerns about the listening project, please contact Harriet at ORS (contact information below) who will do her best to answer your questions.

If you are still unhappy and wish to complain about the listening project, you can contact Steph Knowles, Public Health & Commissioning Manager (contact details below). You can also complain to the Market Research Society and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Who do I contact for further information?

If you have any questions, please contact Harriet Hendra, project manager, on 01792 535315 (

You can also contact Steph Knowles, Public Health & Commissioning Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council (

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What happens next?

If you are still interested in taking part, please get in touch. You can let us know you’re interested by phoning or e-mailing us (see contact details for Harriet above), You will be asked to fill in a consent form and we will then liaise with you about arranging a time and place for the interview/focus group.

OR you can click one of the links in this FAQ page which will take you to a secure form to provide your contact details and consent digitally, and we will then contact you. You can state in the form how you would prefer to be contacted.

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What if I need support now?

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you can contact the following services for support:

  • Nottinghamshire Crisis Line – call 0808 196 3779
  • Samaritans – call 116 123, or visit
  • SHOUT (24/7) – text NOTTS to 85258
  • Harmless – call the referral line on 0115 880 0280, or email
  • The Tomorrow Project – call the referral line on 0115 880 0280, or email

Is my data safe and secure?

All of the data that we process is always safe and secure. You can read our Privacy Notice for further information about how we manage data.

We have an Information Security Management System which is accredited to ISO 27001. This covers the security of our IT systems, the physical security of our premises and the operational measures that are in place through policies, procedures and working practices. Any new systems or software that we develop are designed with privacy in mind.

Our IT systems are also accredited under the scheme Cyber Essentials that is overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre.

You can access the privacy policy of your local authority by either following the link provided on the back of the letter you received, or by contacting your local authority via the email address provided on the front of the letter.  

Who sees my data?

The information collected is used for research and statistical purposes. Your contact details are kept separate from your answers and will not be passed to anyone outside of ORS.

Your answers will be combined with others that take part in the survey. The overall results will be shared with the Council for the purpose of producing and publishing statistics. This won’t include your name or contact details, and no individual or household will be identifiable from our report.

Who are you?

We are Opinion Research Services Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales with experience working with local and national Government bodies, and other public and third sector organisations.

We have been commissioned by Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Suicide Prevention Team to undertake this listening project on their behalf.

Who regulates you?

ORS is accredited as a Market Research Society Company Partner and we fully comply with the MRS Code of Conduct. This validates that we operate to the highest professional standards.

ORS also complies with regulations and guidelines from all other relevant regulatory bodies including the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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